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There are many things that will help if you are feeling depressed. Here are some of them I have collected together:


Tip Sheet - Depression Strategies

Tip sheets

Choosing to enter into therapy or counselling involves a considerable investment of your time, emotion, and money. Therapy works best when the match between therapist and client is right – but how do you know what makes the right match? I would like to offer some suggestions that might help you decide this.


Tip Sheet - How to choose a therapist


Psychotherapy Centre Information

Quick Summary for people seeking help
Info Sheet - Counselling services Policy Sheet - General information
Info Sheet – Medicare Policy Sheet - Victims of crime
Info Sheet  - What is Gestalt Therapy

External references & links


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Gestalt therapy

Gestalt Therapy Australia

Gestalt Australia & New Zealand

Research comparing effectiveness of Gestalt Therapy with other approaches

Research findings on Gestalt Therapy (German site - click on "English Book Summary" )

Abstracts of Research on Gestalt Therapy (English and German)

Victims of Crime

Department of Justice Victims of Crime website

Victims Assistance and Counselling Program

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal